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Reconnect : with Helena Lavery

  • Flow Studio 52a Hill Street Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2LG United Kingdom (map)

A Fusion of Andean Nature Wisdom with Flow and Restorative Yoga.

The Andean's believe that everything in the universe is living energy - Kawsay Puriy - a mixture of light and heavy energy. We humans, are the only creatures who accumulate excessive amounts of the heavy energy known as Hucha. Although we need a certain amount of this heavy energy to be able to walk on the earth, to stop us from doing crazy things, generally speaking, we have an imbalance of hucha compared to the light energy called Samiy. This can be result of the strain of our lifestyles - work pressures, social media addiction, ill health, family commitments etc - can disconnect us from our natural selves and the rhythm of life. 

This workshop will take you on a yogic journey through the global nature elements of - water, earth, sun, wind, moon, stars and the cosmos - known in the Andean tradition as the Teqse Apus. Helena will weave these connections through the currents of a vinyasa practice, drifting into longer restorative poses, letting go of hucha and drawing in more samiy. Guided meditations will be used throughout, concluding with a shamanic journey to integrate and reconnect with the healing forces of nature.

Investment: £25