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Inka Wisdom with Elizabeth B Jenkins

  • Flow Studio 52a Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LB Northern Ireland (map)

Flow Creativity Series Presents:

A seminar with renowned teacher of the Inka Tradition of Peru, bestselling author Elizabeth B. Jenkins (MA, MFT) is a psychotherapist and cultural researcher. She has been teaching Inka wisdom since 1992. 

Elizabeth's first book “The Return of the Inka” has now been translated into into 24 languages. Her other books include "Journey to Q’eros" (2009) and "The Fourth Level" (2013), which are widely regarded as the most influential books on the Inka Tradition. Her profound, yet simple teachings, have helped people from all over the the world to achieve wellbeing, find inner peace, and personal power. The foundation of her teachings are a transformation from our fear-based state of consciousness to one of trust and personal responsibility by deepening our intrinsic Nature Intelligence - an awakening into the next step in human evolution!

In this experiential workshop, Elizabeth will teach a few of the foundational principles of Andean Cosmovision:

  • The law of Ayni - sacred reciprocity
  • Saminchakuy, Saywachakuy and Huchamihuy - harnessing and engaging with Kausay Puriy - living energy.

Elizabeth's home is on the "Big Island" of Hawaii - with the increase in the ring of fire activity that began in May, she is  in deep communion with Pele. Pele was once a powerful human Priestess who wished to continue to serve her people and imbued her spiritual essence into the lava. Elizabeth will tell this full story at this seminar. (If you wish), Pele has asked to give her Qarpay (sacred initiation) to all participants. It is the Qarpay of complete and utter destruction of the old to make way for "material from depth" our deeper authentic selves, and to remake ourselves from the molten core of pure spiritual fire within us. She, along with mother rainbow is one of the rare Nature beings who connects all three worlds!



Investment: £25