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The Yoga & Ayurveda Series - Winter : with Kate Smith Jamison

  • 52a Hill Street Cathedral Quarter Belfast, BT1 2LB Northern Ireland (map)

In a series of seasonal workshops with Kate Smith Jamison ( delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the holistic healing science for the body – sister to Yoga’s healing science for the mind. Meaning science (veda) of life (ayur) Ayurveda takes a personalised, preventative approach to optimal health and longevity in harmony with nature’s pulse.

During each four-hour workshop, discover how to add seasonal rhythm to your yogasana, pranayama and meditation practices, and gain a better understanding of your own unique constitution (in terms of the doshas). Learn how to follow the flow of nature, and weave diet and lifestyle principles throughout the year to live a healthier – and consequently happier - life. Understand better the elemental shifts in the seasons and the imbalances they may bring, smoothing your transition from season to season.

Ayurveda sees winter as a delicate balance between vata - the space and air dosha/humour that dominates in early winter, which is cold, wispy and dry, struggles to sit still, thinks all the time and in excess tends towards anxiety and insomnia; and kapha - the water and earth dosha that increases through late winter and into spring which is heavy, cold and clammy, could sit still all day and in excess tends towards lethargy and over-attachment.

Both of these winter doshas lack fire, another reason - along with the darker days - to turn to kindling the transformative fire element especially at the turn of the year as the light starts to gradually increase and when new intentions are being set.

During this winter workshop the focus is on vata and kapha balancing practices (including two yoga practices and discussions on diet and daily routine) to restore our strength and grounding after the festive season, and to kindle our inner fires and intentions for an abundant and auspicious new year ahead.

A £40 investment for each workshop which concludes with a warming lunch based on Ayurvedic principles.

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