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Refine : with Helena & Denis

  • Flow Studio 52a Hill Street Belfast, BT1 2LB Northern Ireland (map)

Saturday 20 October



Studio 1

Flow Studio

52A Hill Street

Cathedral Quarter



A foundational workshop for both the beginner and dedicated student keen on fine tuning their Vinyasa practice.


The term Vinyasa is derived from nyasa, meaning “to place,” and vi, meaning “in a special way.” Indicating that we are bringing consciousness to each movement with every breath  and not just throwing our body into shapes subconsciously.


Shiva Rea adds, “Vinyasa in its original meaning from the early Tantras is understood as the ‘sequence of consciousness,’ or how life unfolds from … the creative pulse of life.”


This workshop will have particular emphasis on the "connecting Vinyasa". Whether it’s the bane of your existence or your favourite part of a flow, it is an integral part of every Vinyasa yoga class. It is designed to maintain fluidity from one asana into another. Within the structure of four asanas there are foundations that, if not rushed, can support and deepen your understanding of the physical practice.


Using the principles of alignment, anatomy and breath work, you will learn how to personalise your flow with confidence and ease. Questions are encouraged and adjustments, demonstrations and modifications are offered.



Investment: £30