Flow Academy Presents: The Art of Stillness

Lunar Practices, Restorative Rhythms, Yin Yoga & Meditation

With Eleanor Steane, Helena Lavery, Elizabeth Welty and Denis Jackson Wade

100 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified

Early Bird: £1250

Full Rate: £1500

Course Dates:
9 - 12 January, 2020
6 - 9 February 2020
5 - 8 March 2020


Flow Academy invites qualified yoga teachers on a journey of deep introspection, surrender and tranquillity. Inspired by the slower, reflective qualities of the moon, learn how to harness this compassionate energy to guide your students through holistic lunar practices. You will be empowered to use yin and restorative rhythms and include guided mediation, stillness and savasana in your offerings.


This 100hr Advanced Teacher Training will include:

  • Lunar Vinyasa Flow (25 hrs): with Eleanor Steane

  • Restorative Yoga Foundations (25 hrs): with Helena Lavery

  • Yin Yoga Foundations (25 hrs): with Denis Jackson-Wade

  • Meditation, Savasana and Surrender (25 hrs): with Elizabeth Welty and Eleanor Steane

Lunar Vinyasa Flow will include:

  • The roots and evolution of Chandra Namaskar

  • Solar and Lunar: The power of opposites and their interdependence

  • How to create equilibrium in the flow

  • Exploration of various Lunar Flows

  • Pranayama and the subtle body

  • How to develop a Lunar Flow practice

  • Exploring music to enhance this receptive and meditative state

Restorative Yoga Foundations will include:

  • Practice and learn how to teach a Restorative class

  • Understand how to incorporate Restorative yoga into a Vinyasa class

  • Application of props and everyday materials

  • Adapting poses for individual needs

  • Confident and effective adjustments

  • Working with frameworks and the sacred geometry of the body

  • Explore healing for the physical, mental and emotional body

  • Breath cueing and guided relaxation tools in Yoga Nidra

  • Basic understanding of the science of Relaxation Response Theory

Yin Yoga Foundations will include:

  • Understand the core principles and philosophy of Yin Yoga

  • Practice and learn how to teach yin poses

  • The use of props and their role in supporting the practitioner

  • The physiology of Yin Yoga including functional alignment versus aesthetic alignment; skeletal and anatomical variations; the role of fascia; and the effects of Yin Yoga on connective tissue and joint health

  • Yin Yoga Flow: sequencing a Yin Yoga practice including the tools of your craft, teaching skills and classroom environment

  • Introduction to traditional Chinese medicine, meridian lines and energy flow

Meditation, Savasana and Surrender (Cross-Curricular Theme) will include:

  • Explore stillness as part of the spectrum of yoga rhythms

  • Learn to establish a regular meditation practice

  • Confidently guide your students through grounding and centring at the beginning of class

  • Practice weaving mindfulness and stillness into the flow

  • Learn the significance of savasana

  • Integrate themes of surrender into the practice and promote relaxation within savasana

  • Learn to teach basic meditation techniques

Upon successful completion of this training you will receive a globally recognised Flow Academy The Art of Stillness Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and be able to:

  • Effectively apply Lunar themes to your existing classes

  • Introduce the yielding qualities of Yin and Restorative yoga into your offerings as standalone classes or intertwined with a Vinyasa class

  • Learn how to effectively utilise props to support your students through the practice of surrender

  • Cultivate your ability to hold space in a Lunar classroom environment with emphasis on effective teaching cues, voice, music and allowing the practice to unfold for your students

  • Guide meditation in your classes


Terms & Conditions

  • Registrants must be Yoga Alliance 200hr TT Certified

  • Registrants must have at least ONE YEAR teaching experience

  • Early Bird: £1250 (£250 discount) ends 31 July 2019

  • Full Rate: £1500

  • Payment plan available - please email for details.

  • All monies must be completed by 1 December 2019

  • 100% participation is required for YAP certification

  • Pre-course preparation is required. Details provided upon registration