BEGIN - Find your Flow

A welcoming practice to help you find the foundations of your flow. With clear direction and support, create space and strength in the body, enjoy new ease and clarity in the mind and establish a deep feeling of connection to your whole self. 

Learn the Vinyasa flow greatest hits: sun salutations, twists, hips and heart opening, at a pace comfortable for you. Find your best alignment and discover how great it can feel to live in your skin.

All change flows from the first pebble cast … Start the ripples here.


FLOW – Move, Breathe, Thrive

A whole body practice guided by your breath and energy. In dynamic, flowing sequences and places to pause, experience the breadth of your vitality. Cultivate your strength, focus and peace from the inside out and explore all that you can be. 

Classes offer a range of rhythms to energise, challenge, empower and inspire. They are open to all levels of experience and modifications are always given to respond to today’s flow. With a warm and playful attitude in a safe, non-competitive environment. We rise to thrive.


FLOW HEAT – Ignite your Flow

Enjoy the warmth of our heated studio at 31-33 degrees and feel its benefits helping you move deeper into the body and your flow. Heated classes offer challenge and release to strengthen and lengthen the muscles, cleanse the body and stoke your inner fire. 



A calming, still practice to heal and strengthen inside and out, this class incorporates elements of restorative and yin yoga. Suitable for all levels, it is particularly beneficial for those who find a more active yoga class too challenging due to illness or injury. Supported by props and hands-on adjustments, we make the body as comfortable as possible so that it can surrender to the challenge of the pose, releasing layers of tension and stress. Blocks, belts, bolsters and cushions can be used in this process, and we rest the body in each posture for up to 5 minutes to rebalance the flow of energy. 

Guided visualisations, mindfulness techniques and the fullness of your breath will help you sink in for a deep, reviving experience. The perfect way to relax, renew and restore.


MELLOW – Flow INTO mindfulness

A chance to slow down, ease in and enjoy your flow at a relaxed pace. This class includes moments of challenge, and gives plenty of time to explore your body’s full range of motion and dive into its deeper rhythms. 

With an emphasis on soothing flows, simmering postures and immersive meditations, we will invite a deep release on all levels. A contemplative class that will quiet the mind, decompresses the body and help you absorb the many benefits of your practice. Do less to experience more.


FLOW TO SLOW - MOVE to stillness

This practice starts by generating heat in free flowing vinyasas, creating fluidity and strength in joints and muscles. Slowing down into longer holds of Yin, Restorative and Hatha poses releasing tension in the body. The deliberate lingering in postures quietens the mind and aids the transition into a more meditative state.

This synergistic class offers the best of both rhythms for a great overall practice. Move freely into stillness.


Sage - Yoga for midlife

It's never too late to start practicing yoga!

This gentle, unhurried class is for our mature students in the middle of their life who seek to improve and retain strength, flexibility and balance - all factors which become more important as we grow older. We work tenderly through the body offering modifications to suit your body’s specific needs. Breathe and move more efficiently for increased vitality and an overall sense of well-being.

Take time to be you.


Following on from our very successful Yoga for Stiff Guys workshops, Zen Men is a full spectrum class designed for the stiff guys of this world.

Weightlifting, running, cycling and long periods of sitting at a computer are just a few of the things that can cause restriction, stress and tension in the body. This class will unravel restricted mobility, lengthen & strengthen muscles, help dissolve stress patterns, reduce the possibility of injury through sports and increase your stamina.

For the beginner, Zen Men will be a wonderful introduction to yoga and all of it's amazing benefits, and for the stiff guy with some experience on the mat this class will be extremely informative and a chance to align and refine.

FAMILY - Grow and Flow Together

Yoga for growing families - Pregnancy, Mum & Baby, Little Yogis, Youthful Yogis, Teen Yoga and Storybook Yoga workshops. Find out more in our Family section.


Workshops – Deepen Your Flow

Training and specialist workshops to expand and deepen your knowledge of yoga, offered by experienced teachers from home and abroad.

Flow Series:
Specialist practices offered from the passion and experience of our own teachers. An opportunity to explore and enjoy Yoga Inspired teachings, supported by our Flow community.

International Series:
Teachers from around the world offer their wisdom, passion and innovation. Benefit from their wide experiences and global perspectives in yoga. A chance to learn, play and evolve.