Family Yoga

At Flow Studio, we offer a range of classes for parents and children. Click the links below to find out more about Flow Family and what we offer:


Pregnancy Yoga

With Eleanor Steane and Jessica Samoy Plunkett

The emphasis of this class is to promote the greater enjoyment of pregnancy and birth through appropriate holistic yoga practices, all of which are carefully and gently adapted to enhance the general health and well-being of both mum and baby. Pregnancy Yoga is nurturing and supportive and provides a quiet space for the mother to develop a relationship with her unborn child. Classes consist of classic yoga postures, breathwork, rhythmical movement, voicework and deep relaxation. Birth preparation is woven through the classes with a focus on breathing techniques, the use of birthing balls and positions for labour and birth.

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy from 14 weeks onwards.
Pre-booking is essential, please email: info@flowstudiobelfast

Eleanor is a Mother, a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher, an experienced Perinatal Yoga Teacher and Childbirth Preparation Educator, and has worked with the 'Home from Home' midwives in the Ulster Hospital teaching specific breathing & relaxation practices for labour and birth.  

Jessica is mum to little boy Samuel.  She is a qualified Mum and Baby, Baby Massage and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, having trained extensively with YogaBellies in Scotland.


Relieves stress, anxiety & tension

Keeps the body strong & supple without straining

Boosts energy levels

Promotes restful sleep

Can help relieve or prevent common minor ailments during pregnancy

Can be used to relieve pain in labour & childbirth

Can help the mother to bond with her unborn baby through breathing & visualisation techniques

Meet other mums-to-be with whom you can share this experience of being pregnant & becoming mothers


mum baby.jpg

Mum and Baby Yoga

With Jessica Samoy Plunkett

The postnatal period is a very special time for mothers and babies. This class is designed to provide a warmly supportive environment where the new mother can reconnect with herself physically, mentally and emotionally while playfully bonding with her new baby through the practice of yoga together. Classes include a gentle progression of yoga postures and rhythmical sequences to aid postnatal recovery, while breathwork, relaxation and visualization help teach mum and baby how to relax in each others presence over the postnatal year and beyond. Babies participate with the mothers throughout the class enjoying age appropriate stimulation exercises, songs, rhymes and dry massage, as well as being part of mum’s posture work and relaxation. 

Time is always given at the end of the Mum & Baby Yoga classes for the mums to enjoy some fruit and freshly flavoured water. This is a great opportunity for the mums to catch up with each other, share experiences and form friendships.

Jessica is mum to little boy Samuel.  She is a qualified Mum and Baby, Baby Massage and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, having trained extensively with YogaBellies in Scotland

Pre-booking is essential.  Please email Jess directly at or call on 07516071171


The postnatal body is strengthened, toned and stretched.

Energy levels are increased and deep relaxation is encouraged through breathwork.

Learn to strengthen and reconnect with the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Learn new ways to communicate and bond with your baby through touch, sound, song and movement - the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth

Meet other new mums with whom you can share experiences and form friendships

Suitable from 6 weeks after birth, however, please consult your doctor or midwife before commencing practice.

Baby circus

With Natasha wilton

Baby circus.jpg

Come along and join the fun with your little wobbler or toddler.

We will be playing games, singing songs, exploring various circus skills including acrobatics, juggling and hula hoop in a safe yet stimulating environment.

It will be a complete sensory experience for your baby, encouraging creativity, developing spatial awareness and building on essential skills like balance, strength and coordination.

Parents will get a chance to do some gentle stretches, have a go at some circus skills, socialise with other babies and parents and of course bond with your own wee one!

Suitable for babies that have started to roll, crawl or shuffle right up to 2 years old.

Every Wednesday 10.30-11.30am


Natasha Wilton has over 10 years experience of teaching circus and is excited to be introducing this new age group to the joys of circus!

To book - please contact Natasha directly- or click below:


Children's Yoga

With Katie Harte

With regular yoga practice in a safe and non-competitive environment, your child will develop self-awareness, self confidence, balance, co-ordination and strength, as well as physical and mental flexibility. 

Little Yogis (age 4-7)

Our Little Yogis class is a joyful introduction into the practice of yoga. In a relaxed and playful way your child will learn about their body and its capabilities, their breath and voice.

We request that a parent or guardian either participate with the child or remain on the premises during the ‘Little Yogis’ session.

Youthful Flowgis (age 8+)

When children are educated about yoga poses they develop strength and self-awareness. When they learn about the teachings of yoga through their practice they are given tools to help them navigate through life’s challenges with grace and ease. Patient and positive direction is given at all times, encouraging confidence and creativity. Through yoga your child will be introduced to the idea of being responsible for their own health and well-being and how to maintain it. They will also learn how to relax their body and mind and find a calm, quiet focus within themselves that they can connect with at any time. 

To sign up for Little Yogis or Youthful Flow please call our children's yoga teacher Katie Harte on 07563 959763